• Sune Pors

So I guess I have a blog now...

It seems like everyone and their dog has one. I have often been told that I should have one as well, as part of the ever-increasing digitalisation of the life of the 21st century musician. But I have alway resisted. Does the world really need another blog? Do I even like my own writing? Will anyone ever read it, or would I just be soothing my ego by creating a platform for my opinions and pet peeves? Do people even read blogs anymore, or are they becoming obsolete? I honestly don't know the answers to any of these questions, but lately I've been having the urge to create one, since lots of ideas about music, and especially music education, has been popping into my head.

Today I enrolled in an online course called "The place of music in 21st century education." One task in this course is to create a site containing a portfolio/blog that will be used during the course... so here I go. Blogging. Wish me luck.

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