Five modal 2-part exercises for guitar

This Is a collection of 2-part exercises that deal with expressing

the tonalities of the modes of the major scale, using two independent lines. It contains etudes for the dorian, phrygian, lydian, mixolydian and aeolian modes.

I have written a series of etudes based on tonalities extracted from Nicolas Slonimsky's Thesaurus Of Scales And Melodic Patterns. Each etude explores the mood, character and harmonic possibilities of a six-note scale. Click the links to download the sheet music for each etude. I have added my fingerings, but do experiment with your own!
I designed the G minor etude to help me develop a free, floating right hand on acoustic guitar. It is also a good study in separating voices in solo guitar played with a pick, as well as negotiating wide intervallic jumps.